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    • No-Till Drill Rental

    • For more information about the No-Till Drill or to make a reservation, please call Henkens Equipment at (308) 432-5593.
      No-Till Drill Information
      This TYE 2007 Pasture Pleaser has a drill width of 7 feet and an overall width of 9 1/2 feet. This smaller size allows it to be easily maneuvered in most areas from narrow tree rows and creek bottoms to large fields. It is a pull-type drill, is easily transportable by pick-up, and attaches to all tractors. It has three seed boxes and thus has the ability to plant anything from native grass seed to legume seeds. In one pass, an effective three-step seeding process is completed. A deep ripple coulter cuts a clear path through the ground, whether it is stubble, bare ground, or sod. Double-disc openers then gently place the seed into the seed track. The process is completed when depth control press wheels firm the soil over the seed.
      Lease Arrangements
      The No-Till Drill may be leased for a charge of $8.00 per acre or a minimum charge of $30.00 for the first 24 hour period. After the first day, each 12 hour increment is a $15.00 charge. District staff is authorized to use their discretion to define what constitutes charges for the 12 hour increments. Total amount due is payable upon return of the No-Till Drill. Please see No-Till Drill Lease Agreement for lease stipulations. Lease reservations are ongoing and should be booked in advance to assure availability.
      Various local agricultural practices reduce the amount of nesting cover available for upland game which often results in low survival rates. These practices, such as summer fallow farming and overgrazing of riparian areas, also facilitate excessive irrigation and rainwater runoff which results in non point source pollution of ground and surface waters. The Wildlife Seeding Program (No-Till Drill) is an effort to provide better cover and food sources for many different types of wildlife while reducing erosion and runoff.
      Funding for the no-till drill purchase was provided by:
    • Prescribed Burning Equipment