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  • ACE Camp is held in June at the Halsey 4-H Camp in the heart of the Nebraska Sandhills.
    About the Camp:
    The Adventure Camp about the Environment is hosted by Nebraska's Natural Resources and is designed for 6-8th graders who want to learn more about natural resources. If you need an outdoor adventure for summer, please check out more about ACE Camp on facebook or at
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  • Project WET

    The purpose of Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) is "to facilitate and promote the awareness, appreciation, knowledge, and stewardship of water resources through the development and dissemination of classroom ready teaching aids and the establishment of state and internationally sponsored Project WET programs." Project WET was originally developed in 1984 by the North Dakota State Water Commission. Five years later (1989) Montana State University received funding to develop a multi- state program. This new initiative was so successful that the decision was made to develop Project WET U.S.A. Today this program exists in all fifty states and has experienced great success.
    Through interactive projects and lessons students gain an understanding of the importance of water for everyone from farmers and ranchers to energy producers, and even wildlife. They also learn why careful water management is imperative to sustaining future life, and economic stability. Students become aware of, and learn respect for, the water sources around them while taking the first steps toward a responsible attitude where nature is concerned.
    This program is designed for students grade K-12 and is easily adaptable to any classroom, outdoor, or home setting. Both formal and non-formal educators can benefit from this program (non-formal educators can be anyone from resource agency educators, zoo educational staff, youth organization leaders, etc.).

    Project WILD, Aquatic WILD

    Project WILD's mission is to provide wildlife-based conservation and environmental education that fosters responsible actions toward wildlife and related natural resources. Project WILD (Wildlife in Learning Design) was first presented for use in 1983 and was developed by Western Regional Environmental Education Council (WREEC), now known as the Council for Environmental Education (CEE), and the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (WAFWA). At the time of the projects introduction twenty (20) states were already involved with the project. By 1991 all 50 states were conducting the program, and in 2003 according to Project WILD timelines over 900,000 educators and 45 million youth have participated in Project WILD, and Aquatic WILD since 1983.
    Both Project WILD, and its sibling Aquatic WILD are suitable for students K-12. Project WILD focuses on wildlife, and the habitats that they require for survival. Aquatic WILD focuses on aquatic wildlife and aquatic ecosystems. Both projects are extremely interactive, and have the flexibility to be held both indoors and outside, depending on the educators requirements.

    Project Learning Tree

    The mission of Project Learning Tree (PLT) is to use the forest as a "window" on the world to increase students' understanding of the environment; stimulate students' critical and creative thinking; develop students' ability to make informed decisions on environmental issues; and instill in students the commitment to take responsible action on behalf of the environment.
    PLT began in 1976, and like its fellows has experienced enormous success, both at home and abroad. PLT focuses on bringing the issues of water, pollution, forests, and others together to form a cohesive unit, demonstrating the interdependency of each topic.
    This program is designed for use by PreK- 8th grade students. Each activity is adaptable for different age groups. There are a variety of activities that can be conducted both in and outdoors to give varied learning experience.


    Facilitators are available throughout the district to conduct workshops for teachers, 4-H leaders, camp counselors, an all others interested in furthering conservation education through children. These workshops can be held specifically for a school district during an in-service day, or scheduled periodically throughout the district for all interested parties to attend. These workshops are often provided at little or no cost to the participates, and each participant receives a great deal of materials and gifts, as well as a day of fun!
    To schedule a workshop, or Project WET, WILD or Learning Tree activity for your classroom or event please contact 308-432-6190.
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