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  • ACE Camp is held in June at the Halsey 4-H Camp in the heart of the Nebraska Sandhills.
    About the Camp:
    The Adventure Camp about the Environment is hosted by Nebraska's Natural Resources and is designed for 6-8th graders who want to learn more about natural resources. If you need an outdoor adventure for summer, please check out more about ACE Camp on facebook or at
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  • The EnviroScape is a presentation centered around the identification of various pollutants, their affects on the landscape and wildlife surrounding the area, and Best Management Practices (BMPs) that can help alleviate and/or prevent the harm from local pollutants. This presentation is an interactive lesson that is adaptable to a range of ages (K-Adult).
    This presentation focuses on Point Source and Non- point source pollution using visual representations of pollution. This includes Kool-Aide fertilizer, coco powder manure, "sludge" from the factory, and various other pollutants. All these colorful representations allow participants to track the pollutants path from homes, farms, and workplaces to the lake at the bottom of the display.
    The Ground Water Flow Model is used to demonstrate many different concepts; a few of these are how ground water flows through the different layers of sediment (direction of flow, location of water), how activity at or near surface and contaminate ground water, and also the relationship between ground water and surface water. This presentation, like the others is interactive for the benefit of the participants. The vacuum pump that is used to pull the water through the model can be operated by those watching to allow a more direct relationship to the process.
    This presentation is also adaptable to many different age groups, however, younger children may have difficulty understanding some of the concepts presented. The information pertaining to this model would be best suited for middle school (5th grade) age children and above.
    To schedule a workshop, or Project WET, WILD or Learning Tree activity for your classroom or event please contact NRD staff 308-432-6190.
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